Energy Management

Dalkia's goal is to leverage local resources and minimise each facility's impact on the environment, while reducing both fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Dalkia delivers sustainable Energy Management solutions in a number of ways.


  • Is a leader in decentralised combined heat and power / cogeneration, with over 4,514 MW of capacity under management worldwide.
  • Provides energy-efficiency/ESCO solutions to over 100,000 global customers
  • Guarantees the environmental performance of our customers' facilities, using less energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Assesses the carbon footprint of sites and provides the right approach to carbon offsetting.
  • Is an accredited member of the Energy Performance Council (previously called Australian Energy Performance Contractors Association (AEPCA)).
  • Offers competitive multi-energy solutions based on renewables.
Dalkia meets customer expectations by delivering customised, end-to-end energy management solutions to ensure comfortable living and efficient energy supply, those solutions include: