CHP/ Cogeneration Solutions

Cogeneration, also known as CHP is the combined production of heat and power.
Based on the site's heat and power needs, Dalkia defines and designs the cogeneration plant.
Dalkia carries out all administrative and regulatory requirements for the installation of the cogeneration facility.
Finally, Dalkia provides the operation and maintenance of the facility, which includes energy management of the site, to meet efficiency commitments.

As part of our cogeneration plant management package, Dalkia provides.

Uninterrupted Energy Supply at Reduced Cost

  • Guaranteed total energy efficiency reducing the amount of primary energy used by up to 40%.
  • Local energy management based on an ongoing optimum choice of available energy sources, including gas, power, hot water, steam and other primary energies.
  • Secure heat and power supply to the site.

Substantial Environmental Benefits

  • Significantly reduced environmental impact, with greenhouse gas emissions reduced by more than 30%, rising to up to 60% when cogeneration replaces fuel oil or coal, avoiding the emission of up to 500 grams of carbon dioxide per kWh produced.
  • An environmental allowance whose value is determined by national regulations.

Expertise of Energy Service Professionals

  • Technology watch to identify opportunities provided by environmental legislation, such as biomass, biogas and fuel cells.
  • Technical expertise combined with best quality, safety and environmental practices, delivered by a specialist in technical energy services.
  • Taking into account reduced losses on the external power grid, since no power transmission is involved.